Green Patrol

Green Patrol - intro

Green Patrol in action - Novi Sad - I will never go down this street again!

Documentary film - I have a dream - One day with Etela Merk

Documentary film - Black and White World of Green Fruska Gora; A Movie About Streams

S01 E01 - Jovo, you poison, use filters!

S02E06: Prijepolje - A river of life that carries death with it

S04E12: Gunaroš - Are children safe in the school yard?!

S04E15: Surduk - Villagers are prisoners of one man

S04E19: LAJKOVAC - When a mouse bites through a cable

S05E01: Karas River - When a grape fruits on willow

Nadalj - Bird Callers and Truth Hunting

Grand Backa Canal – People, this is the crime!